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Successful person?

You want to Share your experience your opinion your story or give a usefull advice?

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select the topic where you are an expert and share your speech

What you Gain?

Its a good way to get known

If the speech pleases people you can get new followers on related pages in your profile

And in the case of an idea, you have the chance to have approvation from a public

Moreover there is satisfaction to help other people to grow with advices

Our objective

"Anyone can learn from reading articles of the most successfull people in the world, that could be a revolution for learning"

Steps to get there

. Articles translated in other languages

. Articles will be ranked higher based in likes, the accuracy of the text and the number of  translations

. The people who share will have to work hard to get stars profile, with a maximum of 5 stars, the stars will go up in time

writing excellent articles, that audience enjoy and are instructive;

on the contrary, if the articles get worse, the stars will fall;

those stars will give you a better reputation of sharer.

. You even will be able to see the articles in different ways, selecting the desired options:

- most recent articles (all posts of the topic), most liked articles of the topic or articles only from (example: entrepreneurs, marketing managers)

- choose to see only articles with useful advice, a story, an opinion or an idea.

. Algorithm that select the articles which can be published or not

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